A class in UppEdit is a table which holds many types of variables, which are used to make a functional plugin.

Plugin Edit

Holds everything to do with a plugin.

Found inside UppEdit.Plugins

Structure Edit

  • ID - id of the plugin
  • Name - name of the plugin
  • NewEvent( name ) - creates a new Event inside the Events table.
  • Events - a table holding all of the Events
  • NewButton( name ) - creates a new Button inside the Buttons table. ( Created by Toolbar Plugin )
  • Buttons - a table holding all of the Buttons ( Created by Toolbar Plugin )
  • NewMenu( name ) - creates a new Menu inside the Menus table. ( Created by Toolbar Plugin )
  • Menus - a table holding all of the Menus ( Created by Toolbar Plugin )

Event Edit

Holds a list of Functions to be called when this Event is triggered.

Found inside a Plugin's Events table.

Structure Edit

  • Functions - a table which holds all of the connected Functions
  • Connect( function ) - a function which connects another function to the Event
  • Trigger( Parameters ) - a function which will call all connected functions with the parameters written ( can only give up to 4 parameters )

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